Shelley Ayres

Shelley is a television producer who has worked for CTV, Discovery Channel, and created content for ABC, Science Channel and National Geographic. She has traveled the world to meet adventure seekers, rocket scientists, and change makers young and old.

She has led a talented team in the creation of 6 one-hour documentary specials about NASA and ESA space missions such as Pluto: First Encounter and Saturn: Inside the Rings. These projects have involved immersion with international teams, to watch how they engage and what they learn from robotic messengers in the deepest corners of our solar system.

Shelley’s most recent project is a collaboration with her Director of Photography, Mark Foerster, called LANDER: from Avro to Apollo. It celebrates a Canadian Engineer who helped to design and engineer the Lunar Module that would take Neil Armstrong to the moon 50 years ago on July 20, 1969.

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